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About Our Safira Store

We supply a remarkable variety of fresh fruit & Vegetables to the Western Cape. Our fresh produce is brought in direct from the Western Cape local farms as well as a variety of growers from across the country.

At Johnson Fruiterers, we pride ourselves on the friendly, working relationship we develop with our customers and are committed to meet expectations. We have a good reputation for excellence in quality and service. Our turnaround is quick from ordering through to an early delivery. We select our suppliers on the merits of their quality, together with the ranges they have available. Our client base is such that we need to be able to source an extremely comprehensive and diverse range of fresh produce. We keep our produce locally wherever possible and our drivers, make collections from growers and farmers on their homeward journeys, thus providing us with the freshest produce available. We have built up excellent relationships with our growers over the years and make visits on a regular basis. We support and trial any new products which they may wish to develop in order to supply the broadest spectrum of fresh local produce.

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Safira's Team

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Web Designer

Missa Santos

CEO Founder

Missa Santos

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Antonia

Chief Operating Officer